Monday, December 18, 2017

My Letter To Senator Deb Fischer

I am proud to say that I was born, grew up, and went to college in the Cornhusker State. While life has taken me elsewhere, most of my family still lives in Nebraska, and I am still very attached to it.

I still pay a lot of attention to who represents my home state in Congress, and I have witnessed your support of the current tax bill with great disappointment. It would do great harm to the people of Nebraska. Many would face tax increases, rather than cuts. By undermining the Affordable Care Act it will increase health insurance premiums on Nebraskans, and hurt access to health care in rural areas where this has long been an issue. Above all, it will blow a massive hole in the deficit that will be paid for with cuts to social services

This is a bill that transfers wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy and multinational corporations. It would be more accurate and specific to say that it takes money from my family and gives money to yours. I currently live in New Jersey, which means that the elimination of the local tax deduction will make it harder for my wife and I to provide for our family. Your family’s ranch is owned as a corporation, and thus you and your family stand to gain financially from this bill, which favors corporate income. I am not sure what justifies this. My wife and I are teachers. Do we work less hard? Is our work less valuable? I don’t think so.

Having followed your record, I am well aware that you probably do not feel any shame about this. However, you are up for election next year. Looking at what just happened in Alabama, you might need to think about how you will retain your Senate seat if you keep betraying Nebraskans. When I grew up my state was represented in the Senate by Democrats like Bob Kerrey, Ed Zorinsky, and Jim Exon, people who would never vote for awful legislation like this. Nebraskans are surely now feeling due for leadership like that. I implore you not to vote for this bill. If you don’t do it for the right reasons, at least think about the whirlwind coming next year to sweep you out of office.

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Terry said...

I keep calling her and Sasse and Bacon knowing I'm shouting into a void. But if it causes them the slightest bit of negative feelings, even if only annoyance, it's worth it. However, although usually I get a live person answering the phone immediately, which is a bummer, this time I not only got a recording, it flipped immediately to *another* recording so I'm hoping that means she's getting swamped with outraged calls. I can dream.