Friday, December 14, 2012

Why We Need to Talk About Gun Control Today: Some Analogies

I've been hearing a lot today about how discussing gun control is somehow politicizing the horrific events in Connecticut.  We seem to hear this every time there is a mass shooting, a type of event that has become so horribly commonplace in this country that we have well-developed methods of talking about it.  Others in the internet world are doing a far better job than I of discussing all this; I will only offer some things our unwillingness to seriously question our gun laws on this day is analogous to.

It would be like not discussing fire codes in the wake of the deadly factory infernos in Bangladesh or after the Triangle Factory burned up.

It would be like not talking about terrorism after 9/11.

It would be like ignoring homophobia in response to Matthew Shepherd's death.

It would be like refusing to discuss "stand your ground legislation" in regards Trayvon Martin's murder.

It would be like a doctor neglecting to tell a patient with heart disease about his bad eating habits.

In short, not talking about gun control today is an excuse concocted by those who wish to dodge responsibility, and they ought to be even more ashamed of themselves.


My Rocket Launcher said...

The earlier we discuss the gun law, the better. Can't believe you guys are still living with some 17th century law.

I've started this campaign for "Our rights to carry rocket launchers". It tries to create awareness of how ridiculous are the gun supporters claims. Hope you visit my site and spread the message.

Historiann said...

Not talking about gun control because that would be "too political" gives the impression that the 2nd Amendment absolutist position is just as plausible as the gun control/better regulation position. And that of course serves the agenda of the 2A absolutists.

bmi said...

Check out the analysis by Ben Alpers over at the U.S. Intellectual History blog on the history of the connection between "politicizing" and conservative rhetoric.