Monday, January 7, 2019

State Of Emergency

Tomorrow the Leader is going to the border and make a speech during primetime. The same loathing, lies and deceptions are sure to pour forth again. There's a question over whether he will declare a state of emergency to get his wall built. It's impossible to predict what the addled dotard will do, and I will not engage in that fruitless game.

It wouldn't surprise me, since declaring phony states of emergency is a favorite tactic of despots. They especially like doing this if they are the ones to manufacture the crisis, as Trump is doing on the border. I do know that we are already in an undeclared state of emergency.

The president has put a gun to the head of the government and is threatening the country to shoot the hostage if he doesn't get his stupid wall. He decided to do this not after public outcry, but after he got roasted by conservative media for backing down.

Like many of his low-information, elderly, resentful voters, Trump hits the crack pipe of conservative media on a daily basis. He probably spends more time watching Fox than he does in meetings. Our current state of emergency is a hostage crisis brought on a TV network trying to keep the eyeballs of garden variety old white ignoramuses on their channel. The larger emergency stems from the president's racist hate for brown skinned immigrants, a hate and fear embodied in the wall. Like other fascists he is obsessed with turning people into tides and erecting barriers to their flows.

The election did not solve this problem, nor could it. In response to the current state of emergency we have a tepid response. Opposition leaders try to grab headlines but can't change the underlying reality. Most liberals and progressives retain too much faith in the system to actually take to the streets and force Republican politicians to put a stop to this. And so 2019 will drag on, the alarm bells clanging and no one there to put out the fire. You better start getting used to it.

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