Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Reproductive Rights Dialogue

A: Women do not have a right to terminate unwanted pregnancies and abortion should be outlawed.

B: OK, so I assume you support making contraception more available to prevent unwanted pregnancies, right?

A: Oh no no no. That is also immoral and would encourage immoral behavior. I also don't want education on how to use contraception available in schools

B: Well then I guess you think women ought to remain abstinent until marriage?

A: Actually, no. I mean, if young women are not having sex with young men they might get frustrated and shoot up a school or run over people with a van or something. For the good of society women need to be fucking these men.

B: What about the children born of unwanted pregnancies? Do you support increased funding for children's health care, pre-K education, and child care subsidies?

A: Are you kidding me? That's SOCIALISM, man. No way.

B: Then I assume you support a broad range of families being able to adopt children their mothers want to give up?

A: Are you kidding me! We can't have these children raised by homosexuals or atheists.

B: Then at least shouldn't pregnant mothers be better covered by health insurance? America has horribly high rates of infant mortality and of women dying in childbirth.

A: Again, socialism. And if those women were more responsible they would not have gotten pregnant.

B: I mean, just, wow. OK then, what on earth could you call this ideology you subscribe to?

A: Pro-life, of course!

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