Friday, May 13, 2016

Cranky Bear Has An Election Pep Talk For Us

[Editor's note: after a long week of work I am exhausted and will hand over blogging duties to Cranky Bear, my rather passionate and impolitic friend. Cranky's views do not necessarily reflect those of this blog or Werner Herzog's Bear.]

Cranky Bear coming at you, with a big ass bottle of imperial oatmeal stout, because sometimes the Crankster feels like being sophisticated. Well folks, this it. Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. A lot of folks are understandably worried about this. Hell, I am too. A crypto-fascist who has brought white supremacy, hatred of Muslims, and nativist eliminationism into the political mainstream and is now one step closer to the presidency is certainly someone to be worried about.

But here's the deal. A lot of y'all are worrying in the wrong ways.  I hear you say "Oh my God, Trump is gaining in the polls! Oh my God, lotsa Bernie voters are going to stay home in the general election! Oh my God, Trump keeps lying/saying bigoted things/acts like an ass, but his campaign isn't sunk yet!"

Y'all are worrying wrong because you're doing it so damn passively. To paraphrase US Grant's words to his subordinates about Lee: stop worrying about what Trump is doing, and worry a lot more about what you're gonna do to him.  Stop worrying about Trump becoming president, because it ain't gonna happen if you do what you need to do.

He won't be stopped by John Oliver or Samantha Bee. He won't be stopped by being caught in a lie, because everything that comes out of his garbage mouth is a lie. And he sure as shit won't be stopped by fighting with him on Twitter, as much as I enjoy Elizabeth Warren's sparring with the orange pumpkin of doom.  He won't be stopped by arguing with that dipshit you haven't talked to since high school on Facebook. Nope, he is going to be beaten when we all go out and organize organize organize until election day, when we and all the people we've organized go vote and turn this racist braggart into the thing he claims he'll never be: a loser.  All this other shit just don't matter. Get off yer ass, fer Chrissakes, and take to the goddam streets.

Are you people Democrats, or what? Your party used to get out the vote like a fucking champion. While I don't endorse the policies of Richard J Daley, a lot of his spirit was there in Chicago this spring when folks showed up and let Trump know that they would not be having his shit in their city. On your turf get your people out there and to the polls and the state level results will follow. If you're in deep red territory rally the troops and get them to keep the faith.

The Republicans can given you a massive opportunity on a big bright shiny platter, and you're wringing your little hands about it.  Fuck that. There has never been a more unpopular man to get the presidential nomination of a major party. So you love Bernie and don't like Hilary and don't want to get out the vote for her? Well I don't care.  Cut the shit and big on your big girl/boy pants and do what needs to get done. How the fuck else is your "revolution" gonna happen if the Congress is still being run by ideologues whose ideas are to the right of Attila the Hun? I mean, deep down, don't you want to wipe the smug look off of Paul Ryan's face? Even if you aren't crazy about Hilary, that'll certainly be worth it, right my Berniebros?

Put down your damn phone. Get off the fucking Twitter. Get off your Cheetos-enhanced asses and knock on some goddamn doors for a change. Let the orange shitlord and his hairpiece talk as much shit as they want, you go out and organize and BREAK him and the sycophantic assholes in his party come November. Make Mitch McConnell's turkey waddle chin quiver as he cries bitter tears of defeat. Be able to taunt your racist uncle on Facebook the day after the election. Trump and his army of troglodytes have put away the dog whistles and have come out of the sewers to openly proclaim their bigotry. MAKE THEM PAY.

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