Thursday, February 15, 2018

To Win On Guns We Have To Fight

People who want gun proliferation and want to stop gun control are a formidable force not only due to the NRA lobby. They care a lot about the issue, a helluva lot more than the average proponent of gun control. Progressives who want gun control get incensed after the latest shooting, then forget about it next week. Sometimes they even refer to the cycle of "thoughts and prayers" leading to nothing in an entirely self-defeating way. "Nothing can be done' they.

Well, I for one am sick of the excuses. I am furious, not only at the politicians bought by the gun lobby and the gun humpers who support it, but also by liberals and progressives who do all of their political fighting on social media and never turn out to do something more meaningful. And you know what? I am also sick of the hand-wringing folks on the left who greet every gun control proposal with a "well actually this is all caused by xyz structural issue in the American polity." OK Mr. Smarty Pants that's nice, but how in the hell do we stop the bloodshed?

You know why I am sick of it? Because people keep dying. Because two weeks ago I had to spend four hours after school getting drilled on what to do if a shooter came into my school. Because my five year olds are doing exercises already. Because we as a nation have essentially agreed that we expect students and teachers to be slaughtered like hogs in their schools from time to time as if it is a natural and unavoidable fact of life.

Stop whining about the NRA and put your shoulders to the goddamned wheel. There are a lot more of us on this issue than there are of them. Organize! Mobilize! Make it so that Republicans crossing us more than they fear crossing the NRA. Until that happens, nothing changes. Instead of seeing this as too daunting, take up the challenge!  We simply cannot keep living like this, and the only way forward is clear as day.

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