Thursday, January 4, 2018

Listen To The Bubble Jumpers

Tropics of Meta was kind enough to publish another essay of mine, one that I am proud of and was the result of a lot of thinking on this blog. In the essay I talk about the concept of "bubble jumpers," those people like me who have moved from conservative to liberal "bubbles." Within it is a critique of all those bad articles where a coastal journalist parachutes into the Rust Belt or a farm town and let's us know that conservatives in those places still like Trump.

So please, read the piece and share it if you can. Also read and support what Tropics of Meta does, they put out great stuff on a regular basis.


Terry said...

Everything you say about entrenched rural Republicans seems so obvious to me and the ignorance of the coastal idiots is so familiar. I somehow thing the arrogance of the latter is just as intractable as the suicidal pig-headedness of the former.

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

I totally agree. One friend's response to this piece was to basically tell me he's justified in not understanding how people in the Midwest think!