Monday, September 18, 2017

My Letter To Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is the Attorney General of Nebraska, my home state. He is one of the AGs suing the federal government over DACA, and I felt it necessary to tell him what I felt.

While I currently live in New Jersey, I was born and raised in the great state of Nebraska. I take a great deal of pride in the Cornhusker state, and for that reason I still care deeply about what happens there. For that reason it was with shame and dismay that I read that you were one of the state attorney generals responsible for a push against the DACA program.

The young Nebraskans that you want to deport to countries they hardly even know represent so much potential for the state. I grew up in Hastings, a town that has benefitted greatly from recent waves of immigrants, who have helped the city maintain its population and who have added new life and vibrancy. I have seen this repeated in towns across rural Nebraska, which is desperately in need of new blood.

Dreamers are especially noteworthy in the contributions they are making to the economy of the country and the economy of the state. Leaving morality aside, it seems that uprooting them from their adoptive country would be a terrible idea from an economic perspective. Of course, if there is anything that we can say about bigotry, it is that it is profoundly stupid. At the end of the day, I think we both know that people like you are opposed to the Dreamers because of who they are and where they are from. It is a sad fact that there is a great deal of hate and resentment in the state of Nebraska being directed at immigrants, and your actions give aid and comfort to the forces of racism. Prejudice is the only explanation I can see for you going out of your way to cut off the state’s nose to spite its face.

Please reconsider your cruel stance on this issue, especially as politicians are currently scrambling to protect the Dreamers. It is not too late to keep your name from going down in history as an enabler of injustice. It is not too late for you to put humanity above politics. In short, it is not too late for you to do the right thing for Nebraska.


Terry said...

Well done! I've been sending these "what will be your legacy?" messages along with whatever issue the Republicans are trying to pervert, for months now. As you say, putting aside the morality - and even the economic reality - how do these people expect to be remembered? How can they think their names will be anything but laughingstocks and obscenities? Sociopathy on this grand a scale is not new. Our parents and grandparents (and previous grands) kicked its rotten ass in the Civil War and in WWII. How can they imagine siding with such losers as the KKK and Southern Confederacy is going to to THEM any good? I fantasize about a row of heads on the spikes in front of the White House.

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear that you are fighting the fight back in Nebraska. Even though I don't live there anymore, I feel that I am still a Nebraskan at heart, and that politicians there are obligated to listen to me. I don't think these gangsters care about their legacy, to be honest. We need to go out there next year and win this.