Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Letter To Senator Ben Sasse

Dear Senator Sasse,

I was born and raised in Nebraska, and am very proud of my roots in the Cornhusker State. As in your career, my professional life has moved me far away, to New Jersey in my case. Despite this, I still feel a very special connection to my home state and feel that I have enough invested in it that its representatives in Congress should listen to what I have to say.

When it comes to politics there is not a lot that we agree about. For example, I am a social democrat, you are proponent of unfettered capitalism. That being said, you strike me as an intelligent person with a sense of public responsibility.

I also know that during the presidential primary last year that you were pointedly critical of Donald Trump. I assume then that his recent action firing James Comey alarmed you as it did me. This was a naked attempt by the president to stop an investigation of his administration. This is an obvious obstruction of justice, and must not be allowed to stand.

At the very least, we need to have an independent prosecutor investigating the president. If President Trump is allowed to fire Comey without consequence, then we are not really living in a constitutional system anymore.

Democrats alone do not have the votes to get an independent prosecutor. It is now time for Republicans such as yourself to put country over party. The people of this country and the people of Nebraska deserve nothing less.


Jason Tebbe

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Terry said...

Good luck. I've gotten nothing but boiler plate platitudes hawking the party line from my dozens of calls and emails to his office. I did note his (relative) responsible showing in the Yates hearing, to give him credit.