Saturday, December 26, 2015

Low Cut Connie "Shake It Little Tina"

Keeping with my resolution to pick more tracks of the week from current artists, I've been digging Low Cut Connie since I heard a blazing in studio set from them on the Sounds Opinions radio show/podcast a couple of months ago.  They are truly a rock and roll band, as opposed to a rock band, because they've got rhythm (the roll).  This is good-time party shake your ass music, and not enough of it gets made anymore.  All the danceable music these days is spat out by machines, so as good as it is, it just don't SWING like it should.

If you want to hear that swing, check out "Shake It Little Tina" from the band's most recent album.  The song is an homage to Tina Turner in the late 1960s, and like a lot of their songs, the original meaning of the term "rock and roll" is never far off.  It's largely a piano-based band, but the piano as a percussive instrument, the way it was used by Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles.  This song also has a great skanky guitar part that makes this sound like one of the best Rolling Stones songs the Stones never recorded.  In fact, Mick and Keef haven't come up with something this good in over thirty years.  Long may it groove.

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