Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheepish Musical Pleasures: Foreigner, "Hot Blooded"

My God,this song is horrible, isn't it?  The lead singer just screams about how he wants to take a girl home and sex her with about as much romance as a jackhammer.  Lou Gramm's strained singing and forcefulness make the song's character (Lord I hope it's a character) sound like the kind of guy who thinks that that yelling "brace yourself" is foreplay and that three minutes of intercourse constitutes a marathon session.  This is the worst of hairy-chested 1970s masculinity in all of its sweaty, misogynistic glory.

Yet I still find myself singing along to this song, which is hooky as all get out with a monster riff designed to break down my defenses.  I try to tell myself that I enjoy its grunting desperation ironically, but I give myself over to the song with all my being when it happens to come on classic rock radio when I'm behind the wheel.

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