Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sheepish Musical Pleasures: 10cc, "I'm Not in Love"

If there's any genre of music that has undergone a consistent beating at the hands of pop cultural hindsight, it's 70s easy listening.  Limp, lifeless, and sappy, the likes of Bread and BJ Thomas are a laughingstock in these edgier times removed from the seventies' Qualuude and Watergate fogged malaise.

However, every now and then even the least regarded forms of music produce a beautiful jewel amidst the dross.  Case in point: British smooth prog rockers 10cc's "I'm not in Love."  The electric piano chords are oh so watery, the synthesizers airy and breathless, and the vocals unfold like little fluffy clouds on the horizon of a gorgeous blue spring sky.  It's so softsational, a tasty, sugary eclair of a song.  I consume my fair share of rock-snob approved vegetables, but it's always fun to treat myself to the occasional dessert.

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